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LEO Prime Properties offers complete Atlanta Property Management services, including Tenant Screening, Property Inspections, Rent Collection and Property Maintenance to answer all your needs.

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At LEO Prime Properties, your satisfaction is our top priority when it comes to Reliable Property Management Atlanta. Our goal is to provide each customer with quality tenants, professional inexpensive maintenance service, and enforcement of appropriate laws .
After all, Atlanta Property Management boils down to reliable, cost-efficient and professional service. We are the premier, real and best property managements company in the Metro Atlanta area that targets:

  • A rigorous tenant screening process that provides you with the most qualified tenants, while conforming to all legal requirements
  • High quality maintenance of your investment properties, thanks to our established relationship with qualified vendors and service professionals
  • Appropriate rent increases based on market trends
  • Legal enforcement of all lease contracts, including rent payment, tenant safety and regulations
  • Payment of your local property bills and annual taxes.

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LEO Prime Properties was founded with the mission to make the entire Atlanta Property Management process easier for investors, tenants, and everyone in between, allowing you to make money while we handle the day-to-day complexities.

By focusing on your desire to gain the highest return possible on your investment property, LEO Prime Properties works vigorously toward finding well-qualified tenants to your homes for rent. While our process to approve the most qualified tenant may take a bit longer than other best property management companies, you know that it will pay off down the road with well qualified, hassle free tenants. Our investors trust us because we have advanced property management specialists, and our methods aim to place quality tenants who both pay on time, and take good care of their properties, thus ensuring a steady stream of income for years to come.

You can trust LEO Prime Properties when searching for an Atlanta Property Management specialists company. You rightfully deserve to get the highest return on your investment properties, and our property managers will work extra hard to ensure that.
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