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8 tips to avoid being scammed when house hunting

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Finding a new place to live can be stressful. This experience can spell a disaster if you don’t know exactly what to look for and which pit falls to avoid. In today’s technological world, when everything is done online, scammers are becoming more and more sophisticated. They find creative ways to scam people out of their...

Security Deposit Refunds

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We’ve all been there – you move into a new place and happily pay the security deposit. When your lease expires and you’re getting ready to move out, thoughts like “how much of the security deposit will I get back?” or even “will I get back any of my security deposit?” start creeping up.Many tenant...

Frozen Pipes

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The holiday season brings a lot of joy and happiness. However, it also brings a lot of cold weather and the risk for frozen pipes. Frozen pipes mean not only having no water to use, but it can also spell major damage to the pipes and/or your property.Pipes that tend to freeze (first, at least) are ones that are directly exposed to the col...