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Yaron Testimonial
“I live overseas, and they give me confidence that everything with my properties is under control. It has given me time to grow my business, instead of worrying about the property management.” - Yaron Z.
Shaun Testimonial
“We are Australian investors in the USA market and purchased a property in late 2013, which unfortunately became a nightmare of a decision as the then incumbent property management team and tenants totally destroyed our faith in overseas investments. Thankfully LEO Prime Properties came to our rescue and there has been no turning back. This team of professionals worked above and beyond to take on our rental failure and turn it into a rental success.” - Shaun W.
Kevin Testimonial
“...the staff is always responsive by email and/or by phone. I've always been able to get updates of the property (leasing, repair, eviction, etc.). I couldn't be happier. I would recommend LEO Prime Properties to anyone who has rental properties whether small or large. They are the BEST in town.” - Kevin L.

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